The evolution of measurability

04 Oct 2017

  • Digital Marketing

In the confusion and complexity of today’s rapidly evolving digital and data-driven landscape, advertisers are demanding more trust and transparency. But viewability alone is not the lightning rod for quantifying accountability, nor is it the key to understanding the effectiveness of advertising.

For brands, marketers and advertisers that are getting ROI right, things aren’t as cut and dried as they might appear. As we move into a new era of metrics fuelled by adtech and martech innovation, a fresh ecosystem of measurability is evolving where a number of different variables must come into play.

“The number of touchpoints required for an average consumer in today’s market to convert for a brand has forced the issue of measurability,” SourceKnowledge CRO and co-founder, Hector Pantazopoulos, says. “Advertisers need to continually engage users to lead them into the sales funnel.”

That, in turn, requires marketers to rethink the way they measure success. This whitepaper takes a look at how viewability, content ROI and earned media no longer work in isolation, but are tied into the boarder evolution of engagement. This, in turn, can help brands to prove marketing ROI and business return.

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