The convergence of adtech and martech

16 Jun 2017

  • Marketing Technology

By: Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA

As marketers tip the budget scales toward marketing technology rather than advertising spend, we are beginning to see the emergence of a new era: that of madtech – the convergence of adtech and martech.

There’s no denying that this convergence has become a part of the digital disruption process. While this can be seen both as an opportunity and a challenge for businesses, marketers need to understand that at the heart of this merger sits the customer.

Adtech and martech convergence goes beyond the coming together of these technologies, bringing significant benefits to brands and customers alike.

As highlighted in AdRoll’s recent whitepaper The Convergence of adtech & martech, marketers who can overcome the disconnect between adtech and martech will be able to better understand their customer and what drives their decision-making.

We as an industry will continue to see rapid changes that will alter the way we approach business models and our existing relationships with our agencies. There is no doubt that our spend on technology will increase rapidly and determine the success of a brand’s marketing activities. More so than ever, organisations need to get their data in order so that they can map out how to tackle the convergence issue efficiently and figure out the technologies needed to personalise customer engagement.

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