The ADMA Brave Marketing Podcast series

05 Nov 2019

This month sees the launch of the ADMA Brave Marketing Podcast series, an ongoing conversation designed specifically for marketers. The series delves into the skill sets, toolsets, and mindsets marketing professionals will require to succeed in the future.

• The first episode of the ADMA Brave Marketing podcast series is available for download by clicking here.

Guests in the series will provide local and international perspectives on the most important issues facing the profession today — and that is reflected in the lineup from the very first episode.

Episode one includes insights from Partners in Performance director Gerd Schenkel, the founder of uBank and a former head of digital at Telstra, as well as VJ Gupta, Vice President Strategy and Industries at Sitecore, along with Alison Sainsbury, also from Sitecore. Marcus Marchant, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at QBE Insurance, and Minter Ellison CMO Diane Gates also joined us in the studio, where all the guests discussed the disruptive forces operating in the market today and the impact they are having on business and on marketers.

It begins with ADMA’s Stuart Tucker describing how customers are forcing businesses to transform.

According to Tucker, customer expectations have grown significantly in recent times — something he describes as “the Uber effect.”

“Given that some disruptors have lifted their game so much, I think now there’s an expectation that basically every customer and every brand will do the same. And customers expect this from everybody, including incumbents.

“The difference now is that customers are empowered, and they are in charge. And I think that the balance of power has shifted so substantially — whether it's social referrals, comparison sites, or online forums — we all know that brands can be destroyed overnight.”

Tucker introduces the first podcast by describing the context in which marketers find themselves, in today’s world of seemingly total transparency. “There are no secrets about sustainability or climate policy or treatment of staff and people within organisations. So we now have a really clear lens into organisations, the way that they work, and the way they build their products and take them to market.”

More than ever, he says, brands need to walk in the shoes of their customers.

The discussion begins with a deep dive into why so many large incumbent businesses miss their transformational moment, and why their mistakes are often misdiagnosed. To illustrate the point, VJ Gupta describes what everyone gets wrong about the Kodak story.

He tells podcast host Andrew Birmingham, “The common narrative around the business decline is that they missed the digital revolution. The reality is that they did not miss the digital revolution — they actually created a separate arm for digital imaging. And for a very long while they were one of the leaders in digital camera sales. What really led to their demise was the fact that smartphones with cameras emerged.”

This leads to a conversation with Gerd Schenkel about the fact that many incumbents, while skilled at identifying and adopting new technologies, are not always as effective at turning new technologies into disruptive forces and new businesses.

Marcus Marchant describes why it is important for incumbent businesses to partner effectively with startups, and he describes QBE’s own digital transformation journey.

The importance of sophisticated data marketing is also explored in detail by Marchant and Diane Gates, who discusses the always difficult subject of balancing the customer’s desire for more personalised experiences against the need to keep that data safe and to be respectful of how it is used.

Finally, Sitecore’s Alison Sainsbury is the executive in the “Resonate” hot seat, where we interview an industry executive about the topics discussed in the podcast and ask them to describe what resonated most to them.

The first episode of the ADMA Brave Marketing podcast series is available for download by clicking here

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