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20 Aug 2018

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Customer data is becoming one of the most important assets for an organisation.

Marketers are redefining their roles as 'Data-driven marketers', where data is central to their daily activities.

There are many ways to gather data, however once you have it, you need to know how best to convert the data so you can determine the best way forward. This will put you in the best place to optimise your sales interactions and customer experience.

Here are 5 ADMA IQ courses that will help you and your team’s online performance:

Digital Marketing Certificate

Discover how you can leverage technology and utilise data to drive results with best-in-class subject matter experts and practitioners in digital marketing. Learn all about the broader digital landscape and how to strategically plan around it, as well as how to directly apply that knowledge through campaign planning and management. You will also find out about the do’s and don’ts of compliance. Learn more


Loyalty and Retention Marketing Strategy Course

This is a revamped and refreshed course to help the modern marketer navigate the increasingly complex world of customer strategy, data, digital marketing, analytics and marketing technology!  This course developed by global loyalty education experts, The Loyalty Academy and local loyalty experts, Ellipsis & Company. Learn more


Conversion Rate Optimisation Course

Conversion rate optimisation is a highly in-demand and powerful skillset. Harness the power of conversion and learn how to optimise your site to achieve your online objectives. Take the next step and place yourself at the forefront of this exciting area. Learn more


Data Analysis for Marketers Course

This is a highly ‘hands-on’ course. So be sure to bring your laptop and be prepared to do some analysis using some best-in-class tools and simulated customer datasets. Find out just how intuitive and accessible data analysis is. Whether you’re in planning, implementing or review mode, this data analysis course will open your mind to the extensive possibilities for enriching your marketing through analysis. Learn more


Data-driven Marketing Strategy Course

Digital marketing continues to grow in its importance in the marketing mix – but where do you start? This course is the perfect place! Discover how a data-driven marketing strategy can grant you a successful customer-centric marketing presence. Learn more

ADMA IQ has an extensive choice of Data-driven marketing courses to select from. View the full list here


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