Staying true to the core will assist your customer journey

21 Aug 2018

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No matter what size your business is, or how large your team, it’s important to prioritise or you will end up with ‘random acts of marketing’ that may have very little impact on customer experience or business results, but do make your team feel like they’re running faster to stand still.

Do ten things really well at the right touchpoints, not 100 things that might not change the overall experience

Automating customer communications promises personalised marketing at unheard of scale – but you still need to feed the machine. Moving from six eDMs every quarter to six completely different campaigns every hour? You can’t just stop delivering your core tasks to focus on this new expectation which is why bimodal marketing teams are emerging as a way to maintain core focus and execute change at the same time.

You need to start by putting a customer lens over the strategy. If your strategy starts with technology, you could engineer complexity into what might be a relatively simple tactical plan.

Culture is the other key ingredient. Staying true to the core does not mean being inflexible in the face of feedback or new information. Large organisations often have a tendency to create a plan, stick to the tactics and get the job done. Treat it instead as a framework and be prepared to flex on some tactics based on what’s working.

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