Semester 2 at IQ

22 Jun 2020

  • Digital Marketing
  • Data-driven Marketing

Personal resolutions aren’t usually made to celebrate a new financial year – but this July should be different. 

The first half of 2020 has brought a lot of challenges. From work to home, many aspects of our lives have changed in some ways. Marketers have had to rapidly think outside the box and provide new ways to stay connected not only to their customers, but their teams as well. 

The end of this financial year means more than simply tax time. In many ways it marks the end of isolation and strict restrictions. It’s the beginning of our return to the office, to our social lives and, to some level of ‘normalcy’. 

But many things will never be the same. It’s more important than ever that we are prepared for continual change. And the best way to do that is by making learning less of a task and more of a habit. 

With most courses now available fully online and improved technology enabling on-demand education, now is the time to incorporate learning into your regular routine. In fact, ADMA IQ’s virtual classrooms have now become a part of our regular curriculum, because we know they offer you more flexibility.

In Semester 2, ADMA IQ brings you a full calendar of expert-led, online courses to make sure you can kick-start the new financial year with the new habit of learning. 

Best of all, if you book before 30 June you’ll save 20% - and write off the cost in this year’s tax return!

Semester 2 IQ course highlights

PR for Marketers

This updated one-day PR course is packed with practical insights that teach you how to create a story that engages a multi-channel audience. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of creating and executing digital PR campaigns with impact in a changing digital landscape.  

From embracing social media to drive PR activity and build relationships, to learning how to write and optimise content and news stories that get noticed – this course is perfect for marketers wanting to incorporate PR into their campaigns. 

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Email Marketing Essentials

If you think email marketing is just about sending emails, think again. Get the complete picture and learn how to be strategic about your email campaigns through IQ’s recently updated Email Marketing Essentials course.  

In one jam-packed day, you’ll understand the role of email within the overall marketing mix, get practical tips on A/B testing and explore tools that help you calculate and prove ROI. You’ll also walk away with a new planning tool and the confidence to put together a solid email strategy.

Get strategic with emails

Data-Driven Marketing Essentials

If you want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing programs, this one-day Data-Driven Marketing course is for you. 

Learn how to test channels and choose the right metrics to evaluate performance. Explore how to better determine the value of your customers and implement test programs to improve performance.

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