Programmatic panel — The machine will get smarter, so must brands

19 Oct 2016

  • Marketing Technology

The world has changed dramatically. In a single decade, technology has made leaps and bounds to the era of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and the like. 

When it comes to advertising, we're seeing some incredible results. Where analysis of segments used to take days, not it's done in a matter of minutes. 

"Today’s systems can analyse 11 million segments every seven minutes — and it won’t be long before we approach 200 million segments a minute."

While the opportunities this presents are huge, there are still issues to be addressed, when it comes to programmatic advertising.

During a recent discussion, held by ADMA and sponsored by RocketFuel, a group of panelists discussed these issues and opportunities.

Read the Programmatic panel whitepaper to find out more.


JJ Eastwood, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Rocket Fuel
Sebastian Henrici, Head of Ad Exchange Buyside — Japan, Australia & New Zealand, Google
James Diamond, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Integral Ad Science
Adele Wieser, Founding Partner, CoLab Media Consulting
Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA

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