Predictions: 2019 is calling for more intelligence in marketing!

12 Dec 2018

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2018 has been an interesting and somewhat challenging year in marketing, data and technology.

Just a few days into launching our ADMA 2019 and Beyond Survey, we can already identify pain points amongst the Australian marketing community.

Customer Experience was the topic on every marketer’s lips this year, yet the early stages of our research indicate the biggest challenge marketers are facing, is the ability to personalise customer journeys using the right data and insights. Marketers are now being required to wear many hats – and one of those hats is the Data Scientist. Our early insights suggest the right data and skills just aren’t there.

There is also a gap in our ability to show what an investment in marketing spend can deliver when it comes to the bottom line. More on that next year.

And we can’t forget the important topic of data privacy. With customers commanding more control over their data, 2019 will be the year where data governance will become a high priority for organisations. Customers won’t necessarily be patting organisations on the back for being proactive with their data, but they will be calling out those that are showing signs of non-compliance!

Without further ado, below is an overview of ADMA’s overall Marketing predictions for 2019:

Personalisation is all in the data

Using the right data to drive personalisation has been a challenge for marketers this year. In 2019, there will be a greater focus on training and development in the area of data insights so that marketing professionals are more equipped to implement data-led customer journeys. This will be supported by the need for marketeers to be able to accurately measure ROI on personalisation and customer experience programs. If marketers can’t show value in their customer experience investment, the budget allocation will be shifted elsewhere. 2019 really is the year to get it right! 

All paths lead to better transparency and data protection

It was a trying year on a variety fronts for data. Breaches and cyber security attacks around the world sparked a growing outcry for better consumer privacy. Australian regulators took notice and we saw the introduction of the Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR) with both the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Treasury engaging in multiple consultations over the course of the year. In a recent development, the ACCC put tech giants Google and Facebook on notice after its “thorough” review into their market power. The review will affect the way digital platforms rank their advertisements and will influence the content we consume. The investigation will also provide clearer views on privacy and the collection of personal information, which will serve to provide Australians with more transparency and control over how personal information is collected, used and disclosed by digital platforms.

Digital transformation calls for better digital skills

Successful digital transformation programs call for a high level of marketing intelligence and data-driven acumen. This will place marketers under immense pressure to rise above the digital fog. New technologies will allow marketers to automate their processes and advances in technology, such as AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain, will require clean and unbiased data to work effectively and efficiently. Data-driven marketing, digital marketing and analytics skills won’t be a nice to have next year - they will be a requirement. So get started on your training and development plans!

Brand purpose will be redefined

Our current research points to 20% of respondents feeling frustrated in the focus of short-term revenue at the expense of brand purpose and brand building strategies. Knowing your purpose and telling your brand story should be at the heart of everything that marketers do. Without a purpose we may as well all go home. reveals, purpose-driven brands will attract and retain the best talent in the industry. So above and beyond having a reason to get up in the morning, the benefit of defining your brand purpose will lead to a more productive team and better performance in the long term.

2019 will be a year that calls for more intelligent applications of marketing and data… on all fronts.

ADMA will continue to be a driving force of intelligent marketing – driving the data and marketing industry forward to meet the changing needs of today and tomorrow.

We look forward to sharing more insights from our ADMA 2019 and Beyond Survey in the New Year!

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