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22 Mar 2019

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Data is fast coming into its own in 2019. Some might say it is the new currency. Others say it is the new oil. Whatever you decide to liken data to, there is no denying its growing power. And the strength of data today can be attributed to emerging technologies led by AI, machine learning and Blockchain and no doubt an array of others are on the horizon for tomorrow.

When new technologies emerge, with it, new strategies and tactics are developed by those leading the industry.

Marketing technology stacks are now opening new doors to marketers to reach, engage and communicate with their audiences in ways they never been able to before. And the advances and progression in the technology are coming in thick and fast.

So what happens when new data strategies come to light? How can marketers adopt the new learnings quickly? Rob Hango-Zada, Co-founder/Joint CEO of Shippit says the best way is to “hear from those that know it best.”

Rob Hando-Zada will be speaking at ADMA Data Day 2019 along with a stellar line-up of leading minds in data & analytics, digital and marketing. Marketers will hear first-hand data strategies driving success at the biggest brands, on both a global and local scale.

If you want to learn how to leverage the power of data in 2019, ADMA Data Day presents the perfect opportunity for marketers to step out of the day-to-day and get in front of the those trailblazers who are paving the way in data, analytics and digital!

Don’t miss your opportunity to attend ADMA Data Day 2019. Last chance tickets here

Sydney: April 2 | Melbourne: April 4

For those living in rural and areas outside of Sydney and Melbourne, you can access ADMA Data Day on-demand here. Enjoy Data Day in your time, in your way!

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