IQ Instructor Spotlight: Tim Hill

22 Oct 2018

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Tim Hill is the co-founder and CEO of social media analytics platform, Social Status. He is also an experienced trainer and digital expert with experience across both the private and public sectors including FMCG, retail, NFP, real estate and entertainment.

Tim is the instructor for the IQ Social Media Marketing Essentials course and spared some time to answer a few questions about what students can expect from the course curriculum and insight into the social media industry.

1. What do you enjoy most about teaching the Social Media Essentials course?

The most enjoyable aspect for me is definitely meeting marketers and advertisers from all walks of life. I always find it interesting to hear their stories, challenges and successes. It’s such a dynamic industry and there’s always new ways of thinking and doing things. Each time we run the course there’s always something new to talk about!


2. Why are you considered a subject matter expert in Social Media?

I love social media marketing and believe it’s the most powerful form of marketing available today. I’ve worked as a social strategist for 5 years in various advertising agencies before co-founding Social Status – a social media reporting platform. So I pretty much live and breathe social media every day!


3. How do you apply your experience and real-world examples to assist your students through the curriculum?

We run through a lot of topics throughout the day and switch from hands-on to exercises to case studies a number of times which is a great way to exemplify challenges, opportunities or strategies.


4. What Social Media activity are you most proud of initiating in your career?

Working recently with GoDaddy on Ray’s Flamin’ Hot Sauce was certainly a highlight.


5. What do you enjoy most about social media marketing?

I love the constant change and innovation happening in social media today. In many ways, its been like this from day 1 but it certainly feels like the pace of change is accelerating in the last few years. As marketers today, we have at our disposal some of the most powerful tools and methodologies for reaching the right audiences with the right content on the right social channels. I think that’s incredibly exciting.


6. In the next 5 years, what skills will be most relevant for those looking toward Social Media as a career path?

Current trends see digital and particularly social media marketing increasing in terms of ad spend and resources. We’re right in the middle of a video revolution. From standard video to 360 video, to live video and motion content such as animated GIFs and cinemagraphs. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Brands and organisations need to be highly proficient at rapidly creating engaging video content in various formats for social channels – this certainly isn’t the case for most organisations right now. But it will be soon because motion and rich media will be the language of the future in the Feed and Stories (be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or of course YouTube).

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