Introducing Melissa Hawkett, Young Creative of the Year 2016

18 May 2017

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Once dreaming of becoming an artist, Melissa Hawkett, AC&E Young Creative of the Year 2016, now works as an Art Director at 303MullenLowe – and has no regrets.

“I love the process of turning the uncertainty of a brief and its problem into a simple creative solution. I realised the thing I loved the most, is the creative communication part.”

Melissa is currently wrapping up her whirlwind tour of top tier agencies in New York – a trip that comes in addition to the prestige of being named Young Creative of the Year.

Deciding to enter the awards, Melissa wanted to do something challenging and creative outside of work.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I am a capable Creative, and this was a good opportunity to have a go at a brief without any help or restriction. Doing something like this in my own time was a way to show that I am serious about my job, and being the best I can be,” she said.

Passionate and driven, Melissa loves the multi-faceted world of being a creative.

“I definitely love the collaboration. Creative partnerships are one of the best ideas this industry ever had. I think the ideas are always better and the work process more efficient when working with someone else.

“It’s also exciting to shape how a brand presents itself, and to actually make things.

“I also feel lucky to be able to learn about so many other businesses and industries through my work. It’s one of those jobs where you can really learn a lot about the world.”

Melissa has deep-seated hopes for the future of the industry.

“I would love to see more women in leadership roles, for young women to look up to and seek advice from.

“I would also like to see more cultural diversity. Australia is a brilliantly multi-cultural place, and I think we need to reflect this in our creative agencies, if we are going to communicate with each other effectively. Good creative comes from varied life experience, so the more diverse the background in a creative agency the better the work will be.”

Melissa will be working closely with ADMA on bringing to life her campaign idea, that won her the title of Young Creative of the Year.

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