Introducing Maureen Teague, Young Marketer of the Year 2016

17 May 2017

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Having just wrapped up a week of hanging out with the big guns in New York’s agency land, Maureen Teague, AC&E Young Marketer of the Year 2016, is overjoyed that she made the decision to enter the awards last year.

“I had so many reasons not to [enter]; lack of time, self-doubt, not to mention the calibre of entrants I knew I would be up against - but I made the decision to ignore the negatives and just focused on the positives instead.”

Maureen Publicis

With over nine years' experience in the industry, Maureen has an array of skills spanning digital marketing, project management, copywriting, strategic marketing, event management, brand activation, TV and print production, budget allocation, data analytics and customer experience. Talk about being a multi-hyphenate.

Maureen was always intrigued by the world of marketing and she recalls some of her favourite campaigns that resonate with her to this day.

“This may sound cliché because I’m Irish, but I’ve always admired the various Guinness’ campaigns. For me, they have always been at the forefront of successful branding. Their campaigns connected with their audiences on an emotional level through storytelling and took viewers on a journey.”

Today, as all marketers, Maureen is faced with the myriad of challenges of the marketing industry. From staying relevant and connecting with the next generation, to keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change and ever-evolving marketing plans, Maureen realises her job is not likely to get any easier.

Maureen Estee

“Us marketers need to constantly assess and adopt the ever-growing array of tools available if we want customers to really connect with our brands. The emergence of technologies like Snapchat (especially for Millenials and Gen Zs) is an advancement marketers need to be thinking about yesterday. Combine all of this with TV, print, radio, display, video, SEM and content strategies and it seems that the challenges required to manage a successful marcomms department will only increase in the years to come.”

Maureen is keen and very proactive about getting ahead of the game and overcoming the challenges of the digital age. She believes constant learning and evolution is key for keeping up and staying relevant.

“Personally, I think it’s too easy for marketers to become complacent and say, “I don’t have time” or “that event is not applicable to my industry”. Setting aside time to attend industry events, reading blogs or catching up on the latest marketing news is a must for anyone who wants to compete effectively in today’s industry.”

Maureen joined AC&E Young Creative of the Year, Melissa Hawkett in New York to explore the world of renowned agencies such as Publicis NY, Ogilvy NY and YouTube Creative Space NY.

Images courtesy of Maureen Teague.
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