Instructor Spotlight: Tim Hill

21 Nov 2017

  • Digital Marketing
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Tim Hill is the co-founder and CEO of social media analytics platform, Social Status. He is also an experienced trainer and digital expert with experience across both the private and public sectors including FMCG, retail, NFP, real estate and entertainment.

Tim Hill

1. What IQ course/s do you teach?

Social Media Marketing Essentials and Social Media Marketing Strategy

2. Why are you considered a subject matter expert in social media?

I love social media marketing and believe it’s the most powerful form of marketing available today. I’ve worked as a social strategist for 5 years in various agencies before co-founding Social Status ( a social media analytics platform.

3. Take us back to the first time you heard about social media. What stood out for you and why did you decide to pursue it?

I started working in digital when I was in high school. This was back in 2002 where my first part-time gig during year 12 was as a web developer where I was cutting HTML and PHP. I then went to film school and ended up working in TV. This ultimately got me interested in advertising eventually into agencies where this combined by love of creative + tech. What stood out for me about digital was the incredible growth and the ever-evolving landscape which is true today as it was back then.

4. What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I find it hard to describe my typical day. When running a tech company you wear many hats which means some days you’re focused on product development, while others are sales focused or customer support focused or a mixture of all of these. As a startup, we’re also quite reactive to things happening in the social marketing industry, changes to the channels themselves or changes to user needs.

5. Why should marketers learn more about social media?

As a marketer, if you feel you aren’t up to speed with digital marketing, you definitely need to find a way to be more exposed to it. Knowing the theory isn’t enough, you need to be in it, planning, creating content, promoting it, managing a community, reporting on performance, iterating. So much of digital marketing is about getting your hands dirty and discovering the nuances and optimal set of options that increase effectiveness.

6. What does the future look like for digital marketing? What trends can we expect?

Current trends see digital and particularly social media marketing increasing in terms of ad spend and resources. We are right in the middle of a video revolution. From standard video to 360 video, to live video and motion content such as animated GIFs and cinemagraphs. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Brands and organisations need to be highly proficient at rapidly creating engaging video content in various formats for social channels – this certainly isn’t the case for most organisations right now. But it soon will be because motion and rich media will be the language of the future in the Feed (be it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or of course YouTube).

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