ICONIC and Customology share data-driven techniques at QLD ADMA Guru Breakfast!

27 May 2019

  • Leadership
  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Customer Experience

On Thursday 23 May, ADMA’s QLD chapter hosted the Guru Breakfast series at ‘The Precinct.’

Alexander Meyer, Chief Marketing Officer, The Iconic and Mark James Co-Founder, Customology are two successful industry influencers and customer loyalty experts that were invited to spend the morning discussing how to utilise the power of brand story-telling and data-driven techniques to increase customer loyalty.

There was an array of captivating conversations taking place among the room of 70+ marketers who arrived for a 7.30am start for a tasty breakfast.

The Guru breakfast provided valuable takeaways and actionable advice for the attendees around customer loyalty as well as networking opportunities.

Thank you to Alexander Myer (The Iconic), and Mark James (Customology) and our QLD ADMA Committee members Marcel Pudmenzky and Leeann Ellison for making this event a success for the ADMA QLD marketing community.

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