How to retain personalised customer engagement in the face of increasing marketing automation

02 Aug 2016

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By Smart Video Australia

As marketing technology becomes increasingly automated and customers are migrated online, how do we retain a personal relationship with them?

This is where Personalised Video technology can play an important role.

“In 2016 we’ll see this continue with the rise of personalised video, a new concept that enables marketers to customise video content with information unique to each individual viewer for a truly tailored content experience”.

How Video Marketing Will Change the Game for Marketers in 2016, Huffington Post, January 2016

Adding the words “PERSONALISED VIDEO” to your email subject increases the average open rate by over 300% compared to those which contain the word “VIDEO” only.

Personalised video marketing technology is a convergence of the 3 of most powerful elements in customer experience today – data, personalisation and video content. Personalised video technology enables you to interact with an infinite size (infinitely scalable) database in real time. Streamed live from the cloud within seconds of the customer hitting the ‘play’ button, the creation of each video is triggered by a data file.

Whenever the data is updated in the platform, the information in the video will be automatically updated when viewed. The variable assets include addressing the customer by name in both text and voice, and can also include billing and statement information, profile, historical and situational attributes, all available from your customer data. Videos can end with a ‘call to action’ button that can link to a website or landing page. Make sure your personalised video partner offers real-time dynamic video created on the fly, not pre-rendered and hosted. Make sure they also offer customised audio as no one wants to read a video!

Smart Video Australia’s platform seamlessly combines video, personalisation, and real-time data, into one incredibly powerful piece of communication. Personalised videos can be delivered simultaneously to millions of customers, deliverable across all devices, and through any social channel. Automatically customised using your latest customer data, our advanced cloud-based platform can integrate with your existing CRM and eDM platforms. Interactivity includes in-player, clickable CTA buttons and other redemption functionalities.

Personalised video programs demonstrably improve customer engagement and loyalty, increases buyer intent, and reduces customer churn and call centre traffic. API analytics built into our video software platform can capture metrics around the effectiveness of our campaigns. A dashboard, which provides real time analytics can be accessed 24/7 with a client login. Campaign optimisation can be facilitated through A/B testing. 500,000 customers could receive offer A and 500,000 offer B. whichever has the most uptake would define the direction for future campaigns.


SpecsaversAlex Perry Loyalty CRM and Sales Promotion Campaign
In July we sent out personalised videos featuring Alex Perry to 220,000 female Specsavers customers.
We addressed each customer by name (audio) and with Alex's handwriting. With knowledge of each customer’s location, we also personalised directions to their nearest store.
Sales are reported to have increased by 35% year on year, based on customer tracking of the personalised video recipients.

The University of NSW – Guaranteed Entry Project
On 17 December 2015, 30,000 prospective UNSW students received their acceptance communication via a personalised video, as opposed to the usual text-based email notification. The video addressed them by name in text and audio and then featured the course they had been successful for, in both text and audio. There were 35,787 page loads (video request) and 52.6% watched the video to the end -  indicating an extraordinarily high level of engagement.

Personalised videos offer a perfect platform for any company wanting to protect their customer data.
As long as the videos are not pre-rendered and hosted, no complete video exists with customer name and information on it.
For an additional level of data security, ask your personalised video provider where their cloud-based platform is hosted. A platform hosted in the Australian jurisdiction means your data doesn’t travel offshore.
If there are specific security, regulatory and compliance requirements, videos can be rendered on dedicated instances, located in Australia. Dedicated instances are isolated from all other accounts.

Today’s customer journey is increasingly complex, with numerous touch points. For CX initiatives to successfully deliver customer value, high levels of engagement and be competitive, requires the creation of a continuous and seamless journey of positive experiences along the customer lifecycle.

State of the art video statement technology allows you to deliver personalised statement information through cinematic quality video, tailored to your industry sector. Personalised video is the next step in the evolution of data-driven CX, and will amplify your customer engagement.

You can use the data you have now. You can get started with a trial campaign with just a customer first name and an email address. For more information, visit the Smart Video Australia website, visit our stand and see our presentation in the Brightest Minds Theatre at ADMA Global Forum.

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