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21 Nov 2016

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By: Nikola Hopkinson, Content Manager, ADMA

Content marketing success is like a good bottle of wine – it gets better with age, according to the new Content Marketing in Australia: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends research report.  The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) report produced in conjunction with ADMA and sponsored by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions proves that maturity brings increased success in content marketing.

Australian Maturity

With 82% of Australian organisations now taking advantage, it’s clear that content marketing is becoming an integral business process, rather than a one-off campaign.

Why? Because content marketing delivers results.

Organisations in the sophisticated/mature phase are seeing some great results, with 56% reporting that their content marketing efforts have been extremely or very successful.

The content marketing report also highlights some key insights to success from these organisations.

Strategy is key
While a growing number of organisations have some form of a content marketing strategy, those in the mature phase take it seriously – 71% have a written strategy in place. Not surprisingly 62% of organisations state developing or adjusting strategy has contributed to their content marketing success.

Content marketing success takes time, but when executed well it delivers great results. Organisations need to be fully committed as it can take 12 to 24 months to start seeing results, according to CMI.

Almost all organisations in the mature phase (91%) are extremely/very committed to content marketing.
“There are no ‘quick fixes’ with content marketing. Marketers who commit to the approach, document their strategy, and create ongoing value for their audience will see long-term results,” says Jodie Sangster, chief executive officer, ADMA.

Strong focus on building relationships
The focus for organisations has clearly shifted – 77% of all Australian organisations and 71% of those in the early phase of content marketing agree that they focus more on building relationships, than expecting quick results from content.

“It’s exciting to see that Australian marketers, including those who are just starting out with content marketing, understand the importance of using content to build relationships,” says Jodie Sangster.

Quality prevails
More attention, care and value given to creating high quality content in a more efficient manner has contributed to 71% of organisations’ content marketing success this year.

Today, marketers fight for customer attention, the new currency of the digital age. Customers are bombarded with content every day – creating valuable and relevant content has never been more important. And most organisations in the mature phase of content marketing have caught on: 94% put high value on creativity and craft in content creation and production. 

For other key highlights, download the report here.

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