How IQ for Business helped fuel Velocity's Digital Transformation

17 Sep 2018

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How IQ for Business helped fuel Velocity's Digital Transformation

Addressing the ever-evolving skills challenges today is key if businesses want to keep up with the pace of the market now and in the future.

Digital transformation is at the forefront for many businesses and the impact of the digital team is growing in importance as is the range of digital and technology related skills needed.

Many companies are faced with a lack of key digital skills amongst their teams. This doesn’t mean that organisations don’t have the right people for the job – they may just need training in new skills. And without the correct training in place, companies can be at risk of not being able to take full advantage of technology and pathways to fulfil digital transformation.

Virgin Australia’s 8.5 million strong member loyalty program, Velocity Frequent Flyer, embarked on its digital transformation program twelve months ago.

This case study takes us through the challenges Velocity were trialled with internally and how IQ for business helped to provide a solution and overcome the challenges by identifying where skills needed to be developed and where there were potentially under-utilised skills within the teams.

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If your business is facing similar challenges or you’d like to define the skills your team require, determine your business’ current skills level and identify gaps, get in touch with us for a free consultation. 

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