How ADMA Will Keep You Informed, Educated and Engaged With Your Peers in the Year Ahead

02 Apr 2020

Marketing has always been a disruptive and tumultuous profession, and its leaders — as custodians of the brand and of the customer relationship — have always been required to adjust, often radically and rapidly, to big market changes.

With Covid-19 many marketers are now facing the biggest challenge of their professional lives. For many, it’s likely to be career-defining.

Our role as your industry association is to support you during this difficult time. It is a role we take seriously, as we have done for over 50 years.

In this Covid-19 world, we have acted quickly to continue to do what we’ve always done: support marketing and advertising professionals for short-term tactical requirements and long-term strategic needs.

Whether you need to know more about the power and value of data, great Australian creativity and effectiveness, inspiring examples of brave leadership (especially in the current context), responsible marketing, or customer engagement, we will continue to bring you great insights from our industry and our members and partners.

Of course, with the country in virtual lockdown — and actual lockdown for many marketing professionals — we are adjusting how we work, and rapidly rolling out and scaling up the services you need to do your job.

On the education front, we have shifted from classroom-based education into virtual classrooms.

One of the first examples of this is the ADMA WFH Marketing Masterclass, which will run for 12 weeks and be taught by Mark Ritson. The details of the course are available on the ADMA website.

We will be introducing further live streaming opportunities that will allow you to access and interact with world-leading thinkers like Richard Hames and some of Australia’s leading CMOs.

ADMA’s virtual education program will provide you with the chance to learn detailed pragmatic marketing skills from home.

Providing the capacity for our members to interact and share expertise has always been an important part of ADMA’s mission, and that will continue as we shift to more online events. Indeed, that has already started — for instance, we ran an online roundtable for loyalty executives earlier this month.

In the coming weeks we will outline details of our big virtual events including our CIO/CMO Summit. These events will bring together industry experts in an engaging and informative format. In addition, we will deliver more tactical event series where members will be able to engage in shorter, more interactive sessions, and drive the conversation about the challenges and opportunities of marketing in these disrupted times.

And finally, the important regulatory and advocacy work ADMA does will continue as we work with industry to provide industry perspectives on issues such as loyalty programs, the AdTech inquiry, and the whole regulatory approach to data and its application in business.

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