Gain insight into your Customer’s Mindset with Behavioural Economics

14 Jun 2019

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Getting inside the minds of consumers. For decades, marketers have known this to be the key to influencing purchase decisions, however the rapid adoption of new technologies has changed the game.

Consumer behaviours are quickly evolving transforming deeply held habits and beliefs. Meanwhile, data-enabled technology is handing marketers more power to influence purchase decisions and measure impact. In recent months, ADMA has placed an important emphasis on the need for a better understanding of purchasing behaviours. Get it right, and you can build trust and create meaningful value.

The recent ADMA Whitepaper: Neuro-influence uncovers the rise of data science in understanding (and persuading) consumer behaviour. The crux of the research in this whitepaper draws on the insights derived from ADMA Think Tank sessions facilitated in Sydney and Melbourne.

And in an exciting development, ADMA has developed a new best-in-class IQ curriculum in partnership with The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) in the UK. This new partnership has facilitated the introduction of a new course for Australian marketers to sink their teeth into: The Behavioural Economics Certificate.

Behavioural economics studies the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions; and how those decisions vary from those implied by classical theory.

The certificate in behavioural economics provides an in depth understanding of behavioural economics through online learning. It puts under the microscope our surroundings and the behaviour of those around us, to provide an understanding of how these things combined can have a powerful influence on our behaviour.

In the Behavioural Economics Certificate you will learn:

  • How the study of behavioural science can benefit marketing practices
  • How classic campaigns have put behavioural economics into practice to harness bias
  • The EAST framework for nudging behavioural change
  • Why using data to inform decision-making is more reliable than opinion
  • The processes you should follow to achieve robust results from your experiments

The course covers nine modules and assessments in the way of two one-hour exams.

If you are a marketer with little or no knowledge of Behavioural Economics, or anyone involved in planning and developing marketing communications, taking this course will give you the theoretical and practical underpinning to turn the marketing unpredictable into the predictable.

The new ADMA IQ Behavioural Economics Certificate is a brand new course introduced as part of the new ADMA and IDM global partnership.

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