11 Nov 2020

Welcome to Futurecast, the podcast where we talk with professional futurists, renowned academics and high-profile business leaders from around the world to apply foresight in marketing.

Get to know our hosts in this special introduction episode: leading brand and foresight strategist, Sérgio Brodsky and the editor of Marketing Mag, Jazz Giuliani. We find out what a brand futurist actually does and why Sérgio was passionate about creating these conversations in the business and marketing world.

Futurecast is a Marketing Mag podcast series, brought to you by Content Brains and presented by Marketing Mag.

Our executive producer is Sérgio Brodsky. Futurecast is produced by Joanne Davies, Head of Content Brains and Publisher of Marketing Mag, and Jazz Giuliani, Editor Content Brains and Marketing Mag.

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