Former Nike VP Marketing: 5 Key Ingredients to Building a Lasting Brand

14 May 2019

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Steve Lesnard has spent the last 21 years helping to build one of the world’s most successful and recognisable brands, Nike as VP of Marketing.

Speaking at ADMA Data Day 2019, Steve who has now stepped into a more consultative role at Nike, shares the key ingredients to building a lasting brand with the help of consumer data and insights.

Before easing into the bones of his presentation, Steve emphasised how fascinating it is to see how fast the consumer landscape has moved since the year 2000 and that “whoever is leading today, might not actually be around tomorrow.”

Steve went on to share with the audience five important insights to keep in mind when striving to build a lasting brand:

1. Having a Clear Mission: Define a clear purpose for your brand

A purpose will set the culture for your company. When you are very clear on who it is you are trying to serve and what type of value you are trying to bring to consumers, it creates a North Star in your company - not just for when you are experiencing growth, but also when you go through challenges or declining results.

2. Consumer Obsession: A consumer-centric organisation creates a culture of innovation

You can never rest on your laurels when you think about serving consumers as their expectation will always change and evolve. Create a culture of competitiveness where you will always challenge yourself to move forward. Be clear on who you are trying to serve.

3. Obsess over the Consumer Journey: What are the pain points?

Find ways to add value, innovate and surprise and delight your customers at the point when they expect it the least. Look at what you think you know through the lens of a consumer. Steve used a wonderful example: ‘The Marathon Journey’ – a 6 month journey in which most running brands take for granted and forget about. Nike break up the 6 month marathon journey into phases from ‘Registration to Race Day’ in an effort to give customers the support and products they need at every checkpoint.

4. Inspire and engage your customer with your products 

Be innovative, distinctive, and nuclear – enable your community to take a product and make it their own. By using real athletes to test new records and limits in running, Nike where able to inspire their customers to want to do the same. During their test they broke a world record. And by doing so, they took something small and turned into something nuclear that would inspire a whole generation of runners to want to strive towards their own personal running goals. 

5. Focus on your members

Your members are your most valued customers. They yield the highest return on investment, the most loyal, will give you honest feedback and will be your strongest ambassadors. Understand who your members are and serve them in the best way possible to firstly retain them, and also encourage others to want to join.

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