Finding diverse content sources to keep learning

18 Apr 2018

  • Creativity
  • New thinking

By Richard Harris, IQ Managing director

Many of you who know me, know that I'm passionate about the need to keep learning. A big part of that is finding sources that give you exposure to new ideas and concepts.

I have been listening to the latest Science Show podcast and a few of the items were fascinating and essential for a digital marketer trying to stay ahead of the curve;

This item talks about how bias can make its way into AI as the data used is often biased. 

To further illustrate, the next item talked about the use of AI replacing caseworkers for social services.

And finally a case of using AI to train blimps to watch for Sharks on our beaches. 

All of these provide simple examples that translate to our world.

Check out these articles and go find diverse content providers that give you a new perspective.


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