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13 Sep 2019

Creating value for the customer while generating value for your business is a mainstay of business generally. And in order to deliver value for customers, businesses have to go where their audience are – and in 2019, that’s online.
With both consumers and businesses making the jump to digital, marketers have had to follow suit.

A quick digital history lesson

With the invention of the world’s first mass market search engine, Netscape in 1994 the Internet took off. Users skyrocketed from 16million to 70 million in just two years, thanks in part to Yahoo!, Amazon and eBay, creating a goldmine of consumers for marketers.

As technology improved and connection speeds increased, so did the volume of users. But it wasn’t until the mass-market adoption of the smartphone in 2007 that our obsession with the digital world really became apparent.

In 2019, half of all global web traffic comes from mobile devices. People spend an average of 5 hours on their phones every day – considering most of us also spend a considerable time at work (when presumably we’re not on our phones), this is pretty significant. It means we’re always on and always connected.

Keeping up with… digital

Clearly, the integration of digital marketing to meet business goals today is essential. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The technology, platforms and channels keep evolving – so the skills and capabilities to design, develop and implement effective marketing and engagement strategies must change too. And so, continuous learning becomes key.

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As a marketer today, you need some basic digital skills to stay relevant. You need to understand:

  • The practical aspect of digital marketing
  • The role of data and analytics
  • The channels available and when and how to use them
  • Online paid media
  • The role of content
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Email marketing
  • The range of available tools for digital marketing

And while skills and knowledge are very important, your mindset will also influence your success in marketing. Effective marketers need an open, collaborative mindset that embraces change and thinks both critically and creatively. To be successful you will need to keep learning, adapting and evolving as the technical skills, platforms, opportunities and regulations continue to change.

There are major skills gaps across the sector in areas such as Strategy and Planning and Campaign Optimisation. The ability to analyse and interpret data is also becoming increasingly important, as are many other key skills in digital . But before you deep-dive into these areas, it’s important you ensure that you have a good grasp of the current and emerging keystones in the digital marketing arena.

Whether you’re in a small business or a large multinational, it’s hard to underestimate the importance and benefits of at least high-level understanding of the core practices and scope of digital marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Essentials Course covers all the essentials you or your team need to know. So enrol now.

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