Every marketer needs digital skills, as focus shifts

07 Jan 2020

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In 2020, things aren’t going to slow down. Technology will change just as rapidly as before and marketers will need to continue to update their skills to keep up. Especially when it comes to digital – by 2024 roles requiring digital skills will grow by 12%.

Marketers and businesses have been working hard to keep up, but there’s another change coming that will affect the skills required to stay relevant. To support their digital transformation journeys, many brands have built strong centralised digital marketing teams with a clear focus on channels. But as their efforts now start to shift towards customer lifecycle management, all marketers will need to build solid digital foundations to succeed.

Mobile first, everything else second
Skills like mobile marketing will become essential to teams, as mobile traffic continues to rise past the 50% mark. Over 34% of all ecommerce purchases come from mobile devices now and that number will only keep growing. Developing engaging mobile strategies and optimising for mobile-first experiences are vital to winning customers’ attention and loyalty.

Glitch-free, seamless omni-channel experiences
Customers also want smooth omni-channel experiences – 90% expect consistent interactions across all channels. In an increasingly connected world, simple discrepancies can create jarring experiences for customers. Marketers need to know how to create seamless interactions and personalised moments to be able to compete in this new decade.

Content reigns
A focus on relevant, diverse content has never been more important. Robust multi-platform content strategies are what set the leading business apart from the competition. They know publishing consistent communications regularly will bring in 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than publishing only one post per week.

Planning digital campaigns, managing paid media and basic data and analytics skills will also need to be part of a marketer’s remit.

It sounds like a lot. And it is.

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