Embrace new and emerging behaviours to succeed in future, says Facebook

03 Dec 2019

With the explosion of social media and smartphones over the last few years, it is vital to understand and develop the craft skills required to connect your ideas with people wherever and whenever you can grab their attention.

That’s the message Facebook’s Tom Dowuona-Hyde, Head of Creative Agency Partners ANZ, delivered to students in the inaugural AC&E course, which teaches skills in key digital platforms.

Much of that future involves the consumer’s phone and Facebook’s platforms, says Dowuona-Hyde, who also argues “The future of the advertising industry relies on the next generation of creative leaders embracing new and emerging behaviours.”

This course teaches students how to build an ecosystem around their ideas, allowing it to flourish by tapping into the various mindsets and user behaviours people exhibit when interacting with their phones.

In the course, students learn the fresh craft skills that have recently emerged out of the world of mobile video and Instagram Stories, and share inspirational examples of work that is redefining what great ideas look like.

The course is ideal for creatives a few years into their careers — people who are comfortable with insight, ideas, and execution, but are looking to learn how to apply these skills on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

Dowuona-Hyde says he wants students to change their perception of social — from being in support of their idea to being central to it.

“Good ideas are often born of culture, informed by culture, and the best of them become part of culture. As Facebook and Instagram are at the heart of what is going on in the world and how people are behaving, we want creatives to see this as an opportunity to give their ideas an injection of cultural relevance.”

He said this course will give attendees an edge over the creatives who prefer to keep making work with which they feel comfortable.

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