Driving change through data and technology - Brightest minds series

16 Oct 2017

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Murli Buluswar, AIG's first Chief Science Officer, says that many organisations think they should be 'doing' data, rather than asking what problems and challenges data can help overcome.

"Start with the questions. Imagine what problem statements and opportunities you could be solving for and why does that matter? How does that make your customers, employees, and investors better off?"

Once organisations make the leap to become data-driven, the change has to start from the top down. 

"That change starts with the C-suite. And then they need to say what that change looks like 12 months, 18 months, two years down the line," Murli says. 

At ADMA Global Forum 2017, we caught up with Murli to talk about driving change through data and technology. Watch the interview below.

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