Digital and Technology Skills and Salaries: Top end salaries are taking off

03 Apr 2018

  • Digital Marketing

Digital and technology professionals have enjoyed an increase of 10% in salary levels across the board, since D+T Collective (formerly AIMIA) undertook its Digital Industry Salaries survey in 2016. The median salary then was sitting at $110,000. Now once superannuation and bonuses are taken into account the new median is $131,500, well over the Australian median of $84,000.

But there are significant variances on this baseline according to job classifications and seniority. Those at the top 5 % show an increase of more than 2 and half times the new median.Unsurprisingly those at executive level have the highest median pay, while its strategy, technology and e-commerce professionals who command the next highest salaries.

At the bottom 25% of the pay scale marketing and social professionals and creatives make up the most employees. Overall the bottom 10% of respondents, typically those at entry level reported a median salary of $70,000, just over half of the overall median indicating they need more experience and to skill up dramatically to make the leap to the next salary level.

Further details will be found in the D+T Collective Digital Skills and Salary Report to be released in April at our HOT TOPIC: Remaking Retail event. 


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