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18 Aug 2016 by Mike Vasavada

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I was at my daughter’s parent orientation speaking with her principal when I heard him say something that struck me as being so true. “The technology industry and how we go about things in life has changed so much,” he said. “By the time our kids get in and out of education the whole world would have changed.”

The jobs we are in today might not even exist. It’ll be the age of new jobs and new industries. The children of today interact, learn and are exposed to technology in newer ways compared to our childhood experiences. This means their perspective around how to question and experience things in their everyday lives will be quite different from ours.

Based on the technical breakthroughs of the past our kids expect everything to be connected and touch-friendly. My daughter tends to touch the TV screen or even my laptop’s display in the hope of interacting with these devices. Many customers, just like children (I’d dare say), don’t understand the concept of why certain things are touch-friendly and some aren’t; why some things work on desktops and some on mobile; why they have to download apps for some things and not for all of them.

Look at today’s devices and technology advancements and you’ll notice that it’s not just children, but also consumers who believe that not only should their gadgets or products do what they are meant to, but that they should be connected and touch-friendly.

Businesses can’t keep rolling out the top-of-screen navigation and menus of traditional desktop layouts and brochures with URLs directing customers to their site. These tried-and-true desktop conventions need to evolve to make room for fingers and thumbs. The next wave of technology evolution is already here and it’s about gestures, proximity and sentiments.

It’s an exciting and mind-baffling time that we are going through with the technology space re-defining and reinventing itself, children ‘edutaining’ themselves (educating in an entertaining manner), consumers leaving a pixel trail of behavioural patterns, and industries cross-pollinating and trying to re-invent their connected experiences through wearable, connectable or predictive technology.

It’s not only about the touch-based experience, every piece of communication and marketing we do needs to consider how inherent is the ‘connection’ of the experience.

In everything we do as marketers we should always question: “Are we delivering a truly connected experience?”

Mike Vasavada is a Director of Mobility Solutions at mobiDdiction.

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