Data Privacy: What the consumer really thinks

The latest research into consumer attitudes to privacy

08 May 2018

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Trust, transparency and choice are key, ADMA's latest research into consumer attitudes to privacy shows

As organisations become more sophisticated in the ways they use data and technology to drive customer engagement, it is important to take heed of consumer sentiment and how comfortable our customers are with the use of their personal information.

The Consumer Attitudes to Privacy in Australia research, recently undertaken by ADMA and the GDMA (Global Data-driven Marketing Association), sponsored by Acxiom, provides a unique insight into the viewpoints of consumers as well as their expectations with regard to the use of their personal data. Furthermore, it guides businesses and organisations on how they can increase consumer confidence and trust.

For organisations, there are clear takeaways which can help direct future activities: 

  • Trust and transparency are the most important factors for a healthy data-exchange landscape. 55% rate being able to trust an organisation as a top three reason that would make them happy with sharing personal information.
  • While consumers on the whole understand the necessity of data exchange in the modern world, they do not always feel they receive adequate benefits for doing so. Just 34% agree they get improved service in return for the personal data they give to companies. 
  • While most consumers feel they should take ultimate responsibility for their data, currently Australians do not feel a great sense of control over their data sharing and data exchanges with companies.

In light of the findings, organisations need to invest further in strategies to ensure trust and transparency are front and centre.

Furthermore, we need to do more to ensure we clarify the value exchange with customers to address the perception that businesses benefit most.

Ultimately, trust, transparency and choice are the key focus areas for companies and those delivering these attributes will be the businesses that succeed into the future.

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This research report has been released three times in the last 10 years.  ADMA, in partnership with the Global Data-Driven Marketing Association, has also developed a global report which will launch later in May which includes findings from 12 other countries. 


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