Customers will predict future of marketing landscape - 2018 Predictions

18 Dec 2017

  • Data-driven Marketing

By: Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA

In 2018, the customer will become even more central to all aspects of media, marketing and data. Consequently, it will ultimately be the customer who predicts how the media and marketing landscapes unfold in 2018.

Organisations are on the path to understanding this with some advancing to true customer centricity, whilst others are the beginning stage of their journey. Whatever stage they are at, all organisations are busy re-designing and re-imagining the fundamentals of their business to become more consumer-focused.

"Marketers should be thinking of themselves less as marketers and more as customer engagement experts".

This now goes way beyond the marketing department and impacts every aspect of a business from top to bottom. Due to this, it requires full business alignment to truly be able to deliver and adapt to customer needs. This is why in August 2017 we re-organised our activities under the umbrella group, the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL) that unites our individual associations across data-driven marketing, analytics, data and digital.

Looking through the data-driven marketing lens, this is how I believe the customer will determine activity in 2018:

First and foremost, marketers should be thinking of themselves less as marketers and more as customer engagement experts. This substantially expands the role and requires a far greater breadth of knowledge and skill than ever before

It also requires a far better understanding of customers, as they are now firmly in the driving seat when it comes to determining how they chose to interact with (or not) a brand. Customers have more choice and options to how they engage with brands or how they block marketing messages.

Jodie Sangster
Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA

Clearly, understanding customers requires both technology and data – both areas that will continue to be a focus for marketers in 2018.

However, it needs to go further than this as engagement requires emotion. Therefore, whilst it may seem oxymoronic for a data-driven association to spruik creativity, this has to be an area of renaissance in 2018 to better connect with consumers.

Whilst data and technology are allowing us to get closer to the reality of one-to-one customer marketing – ensuring the right channel, time and platform – it ultimately comes down to whether the creative message put in front of the customer truly resonates as to whether that customer will engage.

If we can’t get the right creative, customers will vote with their feet.


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