24 Mar 2021 by By Paul McIntyre & Brendan Coyne

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Cookie crunch spells end of 'lazy digital marketing'

The Iconic, Tourism Australia and ADMA unpack post-privacy landscape

The Iconic's CMO and ADMA Advisory Committee Member, Alexander Meyer says the e-commerce darling realised "it's not enough to harvest purchase intent based on signals from people. You actually have to develop audiences,” as it shapes-up for a post-cookie digital marketing blueprint. Tourism Australia is working on its own unified ID as it goes cookieless while ADMA's regulatory lead Sarla Fernando says it's cookies that have awakened marketers to a wave of regulatory threats that will have an even deeper impact than Google's looming cull. Here's the next tour de force on what marketing must ready for.

"If the key differentiator in the future cannot be the ability to 'out-target’ anymore, you need to look at the completeness of how you approach marketing."

— Alexander Meyer, CMO, The Iconic and ADMA Advisory Committee Member

"ADMA is trying to do is provide marketers with a toolkit that prepares them and allows them to understand what really matters in all of this for their own business."

— Sarla Fernando, Head of Advocacy and Regulatory, ADMA

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Take a crash course

ADMA’s Sarla Fernando urges marketers to build a deeper understanding of what is coming down the track and upskill. “Then you’re able to quickly change tack if you need to,” and so can explain the business impact of privacy regulation to everyone within their business.

Hence ADMA now running a seven week virtual masterclass to prepare marketers for the death of cookies.

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