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30 Aug 2019

It is all too easy to fall for influencer stereotypes and to lose sight of the real point of such programs says Social Soups’s Sharyn Smith who on September 30 will launch ADMA’s new Influencer Marketing Essentials course.

“To get the best return on their influencer investment, marketers need to explore the full ecosystem of influencers, to appreciate the different types of roles influencers can play, and to really understand which influencer is right for their brand.”

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Among the pitfalls, she says marketers fall into is allowing themselves to be mesmerised by the glow of celebrity, or by great content, but forgetting that an influencer is just a bridge to an audience.

“You need to start by really understanding and analysing your audience. That really is the key to any successful influencer program,” she says.

Smith is the CEO and founder of Social Soup and has more than a decade of experience in influencer marketing programs.

We started by asking her to describe an example of a program she has been involved with to help illustrate the power of influencer marketers.

“A really great one that we are working on right now is for Lego and it's all about engaging more young girls to play with Lego. The campaign is about ensuring Lego is relevant to young girls as a key growth segment for the Lego brand.”

And it is a sophisticated campaign she says. “This is a multi-tier program of macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers, so one obvious challenge is how do you build these different tiers into a program.”

The marketers involved also needed to understand what the campaign is achieving and that requires a sophisticated approach to measurement. These are the very issues Influencer Marketing Essentials is designed to help marketers better understand.

According to Smith, “The course will up-skill participants in the details and the depths of influencer marketing. They will leave the course equipped with the tools they need to run a highly effective program.”

This subjects covered include;

•   What is Influencer Marketing in today’s world

•   How to find the right Influencer for your brand

•   How to get the most out of your Influencer Relations

•   Embracing Social Media to support your Influencer Strategy

•   Integration across the marketing mix

•   What does success look like?

“It is really about understanding the influencer ecosystem and the different motivations different types of influencers,” says Smith.

“Influence is more than a celebrity endorsement. Instead, we will help marketers understand the sphere of influence, roles different types of influence play in that, and how to adapt to different influencers.     

The course will also help participants validate the success or otherwise of any program or individual influencer.

“It is also important to know how to best use amplification to support your influencer strategy and the appropriate roles for owned, earned and paid media channels.”

Who should do the course?

The course is relevant to anyone within an organisation who wants to ensure they are up to date with current best practices and strategies. Influencer Marketing Essentials is particularly appropriate for brand managers, digital marketing managers, and social media managers, along with PR professions. It is also useful for someone running their own business who is considering how to engage influencers in helping to promote their work, says Smith.

“Participants in the course will get an understanding of how to run effective influencer program, identify the right influencers for their brand, how to measure success and then how to use what they are learning from their campaigns to make their businesses or products better,” says Smith.

For more information about Influencer Marketing Essentials visit the ADMA website

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