CMO v CEO: Perceptions of Marketing Report reveals skills shortages are a core marketing problem

In a recent study by Marketo, ADMA and Which-50 into how chief marketing officers (CMOs) view their world in 2025, the authors also took the opportunity to understand how marketers felt they are perceived today and benchmark that against chief executive officers (CEOs).

The skills-gap is an area of both agreement and contention with CEOs doubling-down on the CMO sentiment that staff shortages are a core marketing problem, yet it appears the divide exists in an understanding of what skilled staff cost, with CEOs greatly underestimating the cost of marketing full-time headcount and contractors according to CMOs identified in budgeting questions.
When the attitudes of CMOs and CEOs about new skills are compared, CMOs are much more aggressive in their predictions around the changing skill mix, with one exception: their views around the emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence are very similar to those of the CEO.

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