Australian marketers optimistic about AI

27 Jun 2016

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By JJ Eastwood, Managing Director Rocket Fuel ANZ

The rise of artificial intelligence has been met with mixed responses throughout the global community. Some say AI will benefit humanity by diagnosing diseases, providing assistance to the sick and elderly, and developing solutions for environmental problems. While others, including highly regarded public figures Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, have warned that we should be cautious of the rapid evolution of AI.

It makes sense for people to be concerned about their jobs and also about robots taking over the world, however, in my opinion, AI will bring about more good than it will evil, and a recent study shows that Australian marketers feel the same way.

Global research conducted by Rocket Fuel and The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) shows that marketing professionals are overwhelmingly positive about the rise of AI in the marketing industry. The survey collated the opinions of over 100 senior Australian marketing professionals and was designed to measure the industry’s expectations around AI and gauge marketers’ sentiments towards the increasing role of new technology in their work. The results show 80 per cent of respondents agree that AI will bring about increased effectiveness in the marketing industry, whilst 74 per cent of people believe AI systems will make marketers’ jobs easier in the future. Conversely, only three per cent of respondents felt that the negative impacts of AI would outweigh any positives, with 58 per cent opting for a positive outcome.

Interestingly, Australian marketers are much more positive about AI than their European counterparts with 47% of the respondents from Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain and the UK feeling neutral towards AI and only 17 per cent believing AI will enhance their jobs in the next five years.

I think Australian marketers are very savvy when it comes to technology, particularly in areas like programmatic buying and ‘machine learning’. It’s great to see that we are ahead of the pack and are investigating the opportunities AI presents for meeting marketing objectives and boosting ROI.

AI promises to have a significant impact on marketing activities in the next few years. We are already seeing the use of chatbots within sales enquiry and customer service activities but over time AI will be used across the whole user experience; leveraged to generate proactive insights and develop AI brand experiences.

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