Armchair buyers versus Social Shoppers – Amazon’s impact on retail

16 Aug 2017

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing

By: Blair Hamilford, Commercial Director, Ooh!media

There has been much commentary around in recent months about the pending arrival of Amazon to Australia’s shores and the potential impact on shopping centre traffic.

Drawing on our experience at oOh! about the retail landscape – having been an early player in the development of Australian retail OOH – we have run the magnifying glass across the situation and firmly believe the future of bricks and mortar retail remains strong.

While we're acknowledging that the arrival of the Amazon behemoth will change the face of retail as we know it, the extent of that change needs to be put into the context of shopping trends unique to Australia. 

The doomsayers have painted the arrival of the global retail giant as a major game changer. But there are a number of factors that will mitigate against Amazon’s performance here reaching the levels it has in the USA. 

These include Australia’s conservatism to online shopping, the massive investment made into improving the look and feel of Australian shopping centres to create a destination for leisure where shoppers can dine, socialise, access services, be entertained and of course, shop. Then there is also the fact that shopping centres are viewed as the “pantry” for most Australian households. 

It is our view that the future of retail will remain strong – despite the arrival of an exciting new market entrant that promises to add a new dimension to online retailing.

Read more on why we hold this opinion, the rationale behind oOh!’s $20m investment in its retail inventory and why the environment will be a vital part of a marketer's arsenal in not only influencing the path to purchase but reaching target audiences while they are in the right frame-of-mind.

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