Amazon Races Up Interbrand’s List Of Most Valuable Brands

05 Nov 2019

Big consumer tech companies continue to dominate Interbrand’s list of the world’s most valuable brands in 2019, while B2B software vendors like Adobe, Salesforce and Microsoft are some of the fastest growing brands globally.

Interbrand, which developed a methodology to put a dollar value on brand, released its annual list last week. The combined total value of the Top 100 is $2.13 trillion, an increase of 5.7 per cent from 2018.

The list has been led by Apple and Google over recent years, and both companies have held onto the number one and two spots again in 2019. However the gap between Apple and Google has widened over the past six years and Amazon looks set to take the top spot from Apple in five years based on its current growth trajectory.

Amazon’s brand value has grown at 27 per cent year-on-year since 2014. This year its brand value reached $125 billion. After entering the list in 2017, Salesforce is also among the fastest growing brands up 24 per cent to reach number 70. Adobe (#39) was up 20 per cent and Microsoft (#4) is up 17 per cent.

Also in the top 10, Coca Cola and Microsoft have proved resilient, as the only brands to retain the top 10 spots since the list’s inception 20 years ago. Disney, one of the oldest brands in the report, returned to the top 10 this year.

Meanwhile Facebook dropped out of the top 10, from nine to 14 on this year’s list. The social media company first entered the Best Global Brands report in 2012 at number 69, seeing a steady stream of growth in the following five years. At its peak in 2017, Facebook was ranked at #8 with a brand value of  $48.19m, then it slipped to ninth place last year.

New entrants on the list include Uber (#87) and LinkedIn (#98) and Dell rejoins the list at number 63.

Iconic Moves
The brand valuation exercise provides an insight into competitive levers leading companies are using to stay ahead of rising consumer expectations.

Unveiling the results at an event in Sydney this week, Interbrand Australia CEO Nathan Birch said investing in your brand has never been more important. “In such a fluid and dynamic marketscape, trying to meet or exceed customer expectations, investing in brand is key for long term success,” he told attendees.

“Consumers are expecting not just engaging experiences but bold actions and that transform traditional categories and help make the world a better place.”

“But what we see in this evolving landscape where customers’ expectations are moving faster than our company’s ability to respond, is that incremental moves can only keep you in the game for so long. It takes bold and brave moves for brand to move ahead of the competition.”

Birch said there were three things that make a brand move iconic. Firstly, it alters the competitive landscape (eg Netflix releasing an entire season all at once), the announcement if backed up by a credible commitments (eg Amazon’s service levels for Prime members), and it creates a period of competitive advantage that can be measured by profitability and revenue (eg Apple opening retail stores).

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