ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2016 New York diary - Part two

03 Aug 2017

  • Digital Marketing

By: Maureen Teague, ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2016

Day 2: NYC + Google

Day two saw Melissa (ADMA Young Creative of the Year 2016) and I visit Google NYC where we were introduced to Kate Brennan, the Associate Product Marketing Manager for Google Play. After a quick tour of the building, we sat down with Kate to hear all about the dynamics of the Google office and the internal structure which exists – and yes, it was just as impressive as we had hoped for.

After a brief introduction into Kate’s career and how she was recruited by Google; the topic of conversation turned to Google’s branding in international markets and the emergence of female gamers. Kate explained that whilst Google Play was a product that was predominately marketed at the male demographic, recent research had found that in actual fact 47% of mobile gamers were female. As you can imagine this research lead Google Play to rethink their entire marketing campaign – and so “Girl game summer camp” was born. It was intriguing to hear how the team at Google Play executed the campaign from visualisation to conception to implementation and how its results tackled the impeding issue of sexism which exists in the gaming world today.

Next up, was a tour of the renowned YouTube Creator space, a state of the art studio which allows young talent access to the latest production technology, plus in-house expert advice with manufacturers and renowned YouTube creators at any given time. With such an impressive facility available to content creators my immediate questions were – how can one access this, and how much does it cost? To my surprise – there’s no cost at all. All YouTube require is for users to have at least 10,000 subscribers on their channel, have no current copyright, be at least 18 years of age and not be a channel for a consumer brand.

It was evident from our tour that YouTube truly believe in investing their time and efforts on their creators, which from a financial perspective makes complete sense – the better the content, the higher the traffic, the more capital from advertisers.

After a fantastic morning, we then visited performance marketing agency, Merkle Inc where we were introduced to George Gallatte, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. George was kind enough to discuss the critical role data plays within the marketing industry (both in America and Australia) and explained how his company utilises this data with technology, analytics, metrics, tools and processes to effectively analyse customer behaviours and patterns. According to George, “The days of targeting users at a device level are long gone; we now have the tools and software available to target consumers at a granular Person ID level”.

Our day concluded with a brief talk with Colleen Luehn, Chief Media Officier at Merkle who spoke to us about her time as a female in the marketing and advertising industry. It was inspiring to hear Colleen’s career journey, her views on mentorship, the industry and how she managed the many challenges she faced throughout her career.

With day two wrapped up, Melissa and I headed back to our Hotel for a well-earned rest in what was another busy and motivational day.

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