ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2016 New York diary - Part three

04 Aug 2017

  • Digital Marketing

By: Maureen Teague, ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2016

Day 3: NYC + Publicis

Our first port of call for day three was Publicis, a marketing and PR agency whose manta really struck a cord with me – “To Outwit, To Outwork and To Outpace”.

The first meeting on our agenda was with Stefani Cotrill, Creative Director at L’Oréal. Stefani gave us a quick tour of their impressive building before sitting us down to discuss her career to date and the creative brief she was currently working on. Unfortunately, this L’Oreal campaign is still under strict embargo so can’t be shared in this article; however Stefani was able to discuss a previous campaign she worked on with Garnier Whole Blends.

In a nutshell, Garnier spotted an opportunity in the market; which found that more than 40% of moms avoid being in family photographs. They tasked Stefani with the challenge of creating a completely different consumer approach campaign using this research and asked her to interlink it with their brand messaging - naturally beautiful hair.

Stefani then talked us through her use of simple layouts, natural lighting, organic ingredients, and rich props which she thought would set the brand apart from Garnier's traditional full shampoo and conditioner offering. As a client-based Marketer I was intrigued to hear Stefanni’s insights into what makes a great brief for creatives and her insights into the importance of a clear brand strategy.

Next up, we met with Tim Rich, Head of Data Science at Publicis. An intelligent, engaging and inspiring individual, Tim discussed his role of being a data scientist in today’s world. With the term “data science” being relatively misunderstood in the marketing industry, we asked Tim for his take on what it actually means. His reply, “Data science simply understands business problems, commands the data available, seeks out alternative data sources to address the problems and creates creative solutions for all kinds of quantification problems”.

Having grown the data science team at Publicis from 1 to over 20 in two years; Tim made a very interesting statement during our brief conversation. He doesn’t just hire marketers straight out of University – he hires individuals from all different backgrounds. From technology and mathematics to science and the arts – his only requirement when hiring personnel is that they’re passionate, motivated and hungry to innovate. With 100’s of projects on the go every day, I’ve no doubt that Tim and his team will be producing some extremely insightful and exciting projects in the near future. 

With day three wrapped up it was time for some well-earned sight-seeing and tourist activities.

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