ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2016 New York diary - Part four

05 Aug 2017

  • Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

By: Maureen Teague, ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2016

Day 4: NYC + Estee Lauder +MediaMath

Our final day in NYC involved a visit to the luxury beauty brand, Estée Lauder. As a marketer with a passion for fashion and beauty this was one stop I did not want to miss out on.

Following a video introduction into the brand, we were taken to the Estée Lauder archive studio which maintains an array of brand collectables. From skincare, makeup and fragrance products to packaging, newspaper clippings and press advertisements – the collections impressively date back to the early 1940’s and 50’s. In fact, it even holds the very first order that Estée received from Saks Fifth Avenue (equivalent to $10,000 today) plus every piece of clothing ever worn on an Estée Lauder TV commercial.

From there, we were given an insight into Estée’s work ethic and how she built such a prestigious brand. One aspect that really struck a chord with me was the manner in which the staff spoke about Estée. They spoke passionately about her (as if they’d known her their entire life), and when asked what her most admirable attribute was, they replied – “Her desire to work directly with her customers. She loved answering their questions and watching their faces light up at the difference a new colour or product could make to their appearance and attitude”.

It was evident from our brief discussion that Estée’s perseverance, creativity and passion is something that has been instilled in every member of the Estée Lauder team (and plays a huge part in the internal culture which exists).

We then began to discuss the various marketing and communication campaigns implemented by the firm and were told that Estée was actually a firm believer in word of mouth marketing. Interestingly, she began her career by selling (and demonstrating) her products on women at beauty salons; it was in establishments like these that Estée introduced her first marketing campaign – a free “Gift with every purchase”. This was her way of promoting her products, without spending capital on newspaper advertising.

From her thoughts on branding and reputation to her approach on staff training and motivation, it was a pleasure to hear how an empire was built from one woman with a passion, to a global firm with over 46,000 employees in 150 different countries.

Our last visit of the day was to MediaMath, a leading independent programmatic company. Introduced to Manager, Christina Dittman we talked about programmatic advertising and the positive impacts (and results) it can have across all marketing departments. We discussed the various software tools available to marketers for real-time media buying and Christina was kind enough to show us the back-end systems into MediaMath’s global infrastructure – which was impressive to say the least.

And with that, we concluded our whirlwind trip to New York City. From Social Media Advertising, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Content Creation, Data Science, Brand Loyalty and Reputation to Programmatic display advertising, Melissa and I were in awe of the depth of talent we had the opportunity to meet with. The knowledge, expertise and experience gained from this experience will stand with us throughout our careers; not to mention the fabulous memories we made along the way.

The rest of Maureen's NY diary is available here: Part one, Part two and Part three. For a chance to win the coveted title of ADMA Young Marketer of the Year 2017, visit this page. Entries close on 11 August.

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