ADMA Sydney Town Hall supported by SAP Customer Experience

18 Jun 2018

On Thursday 14th June, ADMA held the Customer Engagement Town Hall event supported by SAP Customer Experience.

This exclusive members’ only event at Westpac Barangaroo had a wonderful turnout consisting of marketing leaders and professionals from a variety of industries.

The event kicked off with an introduction by Jennifer Arnold, VP of Marketing, APJ and Greater China SAP Customer Experience who highlighted examples of effective applications of customer experience which surround real-time personalised engagements for life and creating trusted relationships with customers.

Jennifer revealed, more and more brands are enticing customers to buy into a community or ecosystem in an effort to keep them coming back for more. And while technology plays an important part in delivering a top-of-the-line customer experience for your brand, “the human element needs to be at the heart of providing the customer with empathy”.

Jennifer went on to join a panel of speakers who delivered thought-provoking insights on how technologies are helping to redefine the customer experience.

The expert panel for the evening included…

Lewis Pullen – Chief Marketing Officer, Kohab
Harvey Sanchez – Chief Marketing Officer, APAC and Japan Accenture
Jennifer Arnold – VP of Marketing, APJ and Greater China SAP Customer Experience
Kristian Croucher – Enterprise Business Director, Acquia
Tyrone O’Neill – Head of Customer Relationship Marketing, Westpac
Moderator: Richard Harris – Managing Director, ADMA IQ

Here are a few key insights shared by the panel…

• Be bold and take giant leaps forward to keep yourself in a strong position against your competition.

• Bridging the gap between 'Customer Experience vs Customer Engagement' is key to a successful brand.

• Technology is the enabler not the driver in situations where companies want to offer a more concierge/personalised service.

• For brands and products, it is about brilliant basics and magic moments. It’s important to get the basics right to deliver a great customer experience. 

• Looking back at your data allows you to make predictions about how your customer is going to respond at any given point in the customer journey. Prompting an incentive for them to purchase from you by using the appropriate triggers is how you will encourage them to convert. 

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