04 Mar 2021

ADMA’s plans to support marketers in 2021

We have all had a fast start to 2021, hopefully we had a decent break to regroup and reset for the year ahead. I’m excited by what ADMA has planned to support marketers in 2021. Today we face industry shaping issues like regulatory changes, a continuing digital skills deficit and a general disconnect between marketers due to the kind of year that was 2020.

With that in mind I’d like to introduce seven industry heavyweights to ADMA’s guiding body, the ADMA Advisory Committee. These exceptional thinkers add further firepower to our existing team and include Mim Haysom, General Manager Marketing Suncorp, Mel Hopkins, CMO Optus, Susan Coghill, CMO Tourism Australia, Mark Coad, CEO MediaBrands Australia, Alexander Meyer, CMO THE ICONIC, David Morgan, Principal MacMorgan and Jo Boundy CMO, Qantas. I’m so looking forward to what we will accomplish together.

With talent and skills shortages impacting the industry, we are proud be launching the ADMA skills assessment – a comprehensive framework developed to help marketing team to better understand the skill cross-section of the team.

In the last decade organisations have been working through the challenges of technological change, increased competition, globalisation, and organisational change the COVID pandemic has accelerated change and forced businesses to make decisions that they may have otherwise delayed. COVID-19 saw the world of business literally move to virtual operations overnight. This accelerated technology disruption, the pace of adoption and the way we work, with organisations now noticing large capability and skills gaps emerging.

To keep pace with this change, which is only going to intensify, organisation need to invest in the upskilling and reskilling of their human capital if they are to remain relevant and meet the demands of changing consumer behaviour.

The WEF Future of Jobs Report (2020) states 87% of organisations say they either are experiencing gaps now or expect them within a few years with nearly 50% saying they do not have a sense of “how” to address the skill gap problem and are not prepared for such a transformation.

ADMA is focused on supporting the marketing industry through this skills gap transformation and is focused on helping marketers be better marketers now and into the future with the development and deployment of the “Define Decide Do framework” to marketers move forward – starting from your future vision, assessing the skills required, and how these can be developed and integrated into a holistic capability model. This allows marketers can realise their fully potential and their organisations goals.

Increasingly, a vital skill for marketing is understanding and operating within current regulations. The rapid pace of change impacts all sides of marketing. As the principal industry body for data driven marketing and advertising, ADMA’s focus is to best represent members in the advocacy of fair and transparent practices in data-driven marketing. And to help members (of all sizes) navigate through the regulatory landscape and understand how it affects the industry, their day-to-day operations and decision making.

This navigation includes keeping you abreast of the industry changes, explaining the impact of revised regulations and empowering members with education offerings that will help to establish practices and processes that promote consumer welfare.  The watch words for the next six months are - privacy, advertising services, cookies, loyalty – and expect more as the environment keeps expanding, changing and overlapping. The recent moves by major tech platforms and the government are a great example of the changeability of the regulatory environment and knock on effects for marketers.

Finally, on the eve of International Women’s Day, a personal reflection. We know education is a key enabler for career progression. Sometimes that education is structured like the ADMA IQ courses but sometimes that essential learning is via a mentor.

I’d like to recognise and thank my mentors. Two women that have been instrumental in my career. Thank you Sherilyn Shackel, Founder & Global CEO The Marketing Academy and Sandra McPhee, chair of the NSW Public Service Commission Advisory Board, for your guidance and advice, passion, support, encouragement and sometimes tough lessons.

Have a great International Women’s day everyone!

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