ADMA Member Feature: The Future is Bright, At The Star

06 Nov 2018

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By George Hughes, Chief Marketing Officer, The Star Entertainment Group

George Hughes - The Star

The greatest thing about Transformation is that it is an assertion that the future will be entirely different.

We haven’t just made change in centralising The Star’s marketing department, we have made a clear declaration about an entirely new future.

The Right Strategy

Improving customer experience has been a core component of the transformation to a centralised marketing department at The Star.

In order to be a customer-oriented business, we have had to keep pace with the societal shift in consumer values towards experiences, not things, and adjust our marketing strategy accordingly.

Providing innovative marketing strategy to drive profitable growth has meant a review of our end-to-end customer experience, our brand promise and our range of offering.

Our vision to be Australia’s leading integrated resort company means behaving as a world-class Entertainment Destination and not just a Casino.

We are fortunate to have a fabulous trifecta of dining, hotels and entertainment as a core point of difference. As an entertainment business, with 50+ restaurants and bars, including world ranked 3-Hat Momofuku and The Darling, Sydney’s only  hotel with a 5-Star rating from Forbes Travel Guide, we have a suite of propositions to tell our story and we have something to suit all customers. 

This diversity in offering is reflective of our guests, recognising our unique customer segments and providing exceptional service. Together with joint venture partners, we have a pipeline of development in excess of $5 Billion, subject to relevant planning and regulatory approvals.

Our transformation strategy has the clear and vested intention to ensure our customers have fun and make memories. The true test is when they walk out feeling better than when they walked in!

Knowing The Brand

The brand strategy underpins our customer experience, partnership strategies, sponsorships and our Brand ambassador program. How we speak to the world as a unified marketing team ensures consistency of customer experience and makes it clear to the business, how we bring our brand to life.

Selling our brand inside is as important as it is to the external customer. We have made a clear declaration about an entirely new future. Our employees bring the brand alive, they are our true ambassadors.

Aligning our team around a clear strategy enables employees to “live” the vision in their day-to-day. And when the team live that vision, customers are much more likely to experience the company in a way that’s consistent with what you’ve promised.

Having The Right Team

You permit yourself to envision the future feely when you make clear promises, you show integrity and you are always transparent.

Part of our transformation has been the appointment of a new leadership team. Our tempo of change can only be achieved with the right people in place.

Our marketing leadership team are each unapologetic in their ambitions, their passion and they all bring unique experience that compliments and ensures the best out of each other. They are a motley crew but they all agree on achieving results, improving commercial performance and delivering exceptional guest experience.

Transformation is an assertion that the future will be entirely different. We are taking action to ensure that we walk the talk.

If you think you have exceptional qualities and you want to make a difference, reach out to us. We’re looking for you. The future is bright at The Star.

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