ADMA IQ Instructor Spotlight: Caroline McQueen

14 Jun 2019

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Caroline McQueen is a highly experienced digital professional with a passion for teaching.

She has worked in roles focusing on analytics, digital strategy, digital marketing, user experience, optimisation, personalisation, project management and general senior management.

Her day-to-day involves running a boutique consulting company specialising in data-driven digital strategy, optimisation, personalization, analytics and insights. 

Current clients span industries including banking, online retail and B2B services, amongst others. Caroline is an advocate for effective, intelligent data usage within organisations of all sizes and is passionate about developing individual and organisational capabilities in this area.

Caroline is the new Lead Instructor at ADMA IQ where she is responsible for on-boarding new instructors, supporting existing IQ instructors and providing guidance on course updates.

We asked Caroline a few questions to find out more about her new role as Lead Instructor at ADMA IQ.

It’s great to have you on the ADMA IQ team! What excites you most about your new role as IQ Lead Instructor?

To me, digital marketing and data-centric skills are essential to a wide variety of roles in business, entrepreneurship and the broader workforce today.  I’m really excited to take a greater part in that, and to help shape the future direction of data and digital marketing education at ADMA in Australia.

What are your thoughts on digital marketing in 2019?

Digital and data-centric marketing is a great place to be in 2019.  The overall landscape, required skillsets, platforms and even facilitating tools are ever-changing, making it interesting, dynamic and fun.

As always, creativity, a growth mindset, an expectation of continual learning and solid critical thinking skills are the best tools to set you up for success in digital marketing, both now in 2019 and into the future – whatever that looks like!

What areas do you see as being a big focus for digital and data-driven marketing in the next five years?

For me, a fascinating space to watch is how the various (often opposing!) interests around data play out.

On one hand, commercial organisations continue to generate huge value from their users’ data - did you know that 6 of the 10 most valuable companies in the world in 2019 are pure-play data companies?!  Data really is the new oil.

The general public are slowly starting to become aware of the ways in which they generate data and how large organisations capture and create value from that data – with varying degrees of comfort with their new knowledge!

Meanwhile, governments around the world are looking to the experience of the GDPR and are starting to think about what stronger, smarter regulation might look like within their own national borders.

What drives your passion for teaching digital marketing to students?

Learning more about these topics is really valuable and it’s wonderfully satisfying to give that gift to students through the courses we teach at ADMA – plus we always have a whole lot of fun along the way!


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