ADMA IQ Curriculum to Arm Local Marketers with Global Skills

22 May 2019

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With an exhaustingly long list of new skills marketers need to rely on in a constantly changing landscape, the need for a comprehensive and effective education offering has never been more important. 

A recent study by ADMA has shown that the list of required skills for marketers in the next five years will only get longer and more complex. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, data and analytics, marketing technology and web/app development skills are almost standard requirements today. But perhaps more interesting is the increasing need for influencer and experiential marketing, neuromarketing and buyer behaviour – indicating the level of complexity in skill-sets.

It’s no surprise that marketers feel confused and overwhelmed by the broad skills they need to be effective and succeed. In fact, over half (53%) of marketers surveyed told us that they don’t feel they have they’ve had the necessary training required by their roles.

World-class education at your fingertips

To support marketers in their complex roles and help them keep up with the changing needs of the market, ADMA has developed a new best-in-class IQ curriculum in partnership with The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) in the UK.

IDM brings over 30 years experience, having trained over 100,000 delegates in 30 countries, from leading brands in major global markets to small and medium businesses.

Together they have built an industry-leading education curriculum, that will equip marketers with the capabilities they require as their roles continue to change.

ADMA IQ’s new education offering includes 40 courses, across all stages of a marketers career – supporting them from junior roles all the way to the C-suite.

Clare Moss, ADMA’s former Education Manager is now Head of Education at IDM and was instrumental in bringing Australian marketers a global perspective through the new curriculum.

“We wanted to make sure that marketers have access to the latest content covering all of the key subject areas within marketing,” says Clare. “The new curriculum includes core principles and practical applications and more detailed courses in key areas such as Social Media, Email, Content Marketing and SEO and PPC - arming marketers with skills they can put into immediate practice.”

With a variety of courses catering to all career stages, Clare is very excited about the new curriculum offering.

“There is now a great blend of courses including practical ‘how-to’ courses at the entry lower, more in-depth strategy focused courses for intermediates and also a number of new topics areas including behavioural economics, influencer marketing and data analysis.”

Sure to be one of the favourites, the new Behavioural Economics certificate, enables marketers to understand the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on consumer decision making and how that might impact their own marketing strategies.

One of the most popular courses, the Digital Marketing Certificate has also had a make-over to include guest lectures from leading industry thinkers and doers, as well as hands on tutorials on relevant software. New activities have also been added to test marketers’ understanding and ensure they can apply their learning to real life situations.

And because ADMA know it’s hard to find the time to up-skill, they’ve made their courses available face-to-face, online and as a blend.

Global skills with a local flavor needed in Australia

Thanks to IDM’s global remit, IQ’s courses include the most current and relevant content and case studies from around Australia, UK and the US.

“We’re leveraging global connections to share best practise, global market trends and work towards bettering the market as a collective,” Clare says. 

And early indications show overwhelmingly positive feedback from local marketers...

“Having attended many media and supplier led courses that have focused on the fundamentals of social media marketing, this course appealed to me as it has a specific focus around measuring ROI and developing a strategy. This is an area many courses fail to cover adequately. The content looks robust and appeals to me as it covers not only the fundamentals but a proper overview on how a social media strategy can be translated to work within a business and assessed similarly to any other form of marketing activity.” 

~ Natalie, Retail Activation Manager, Moet Hennessy – Social Media Marketing Certificate

“This Behavioural Economics certificate will allow me to understand which campaign messages and approaches are more likely to resonate with my audience, to maximise the chances of campaigns driving strong business results.”

~ Corina, Digital Marketing, Stockland – Behavioural Economics Certificate

Get free of that overwhelmed feeling experienced by more than half of the market. Get to where you want to be with the new ADMA IQ courses.

Visit the New Courses Page to find out more about the new curriculum and courses offered.

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