ADMA committed to supporting the wellbeing of the Marketing & Advertising community

10 Nov 2020 by Andrea Martens

We’ve seen the toll that the last six-months has taken on us all, none more so than our industry. Studies have shown that the marketing and advertising industry has been more affected, with increased levels of anxiety, drinking and feeling disconnected. We knew there was a mental health epidemic prior to coronavirus. Our industry was reportedly 20 per cent more likely than the general population to suffer mental health issues. The effects of the pandemic have only exacerbated these issues; with working from home, feelings of isolation from a usually tight knit team and often working with tools that are not fit for current purpose.

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, taking care of well-being is more important than ever. We know that mental resilience, improvement in well-being and productivity are paramount as we get through this. ADMA is committed to supporting the industry through this stress-inducing time – that includes individuals, our member companies and the advertising and marketing community in general.  At a grassroots level, improving the wellbeing of each person in the industry not only helps to move away from those alarming statistics, it also reflects positively in the work sphere, improving performance and unlocking potential. We know the social and financial impact mental well-being has, not only on the individual, but on the organisation. In fact, employee health and well-being are now business imperatives with 80 per cent of individuals reporting significantly more general stress and anxiety as a result of the outbreak and lost productivity to mental health costing the global economy $1 Trillion.

But knowing and doing are two separate things.
Other than supporting industry initiatives like R U OK, we’ve not found an appropriate avenue to fundamentally help the industry from a grassroots level up. That was until I came across Thrive.

Thrive Global was established by Arianna Huffington. It was born from her own physical breakdown due to stress and the changes she implemented in her life to be more aware of the impact of stress on her mind and body. It’s the world’s first behaviour change platform combining data, stories and actionable Microsteps that take individuals on a journey of well-being, sustainable healthy habits and improved performance both in their professional and private lives. The platform is built on robust science and backed by powerful data – the perfect example of the power of data in action.

Data-driven, easily accessible, a science foundation combined with storytelling – it’s so aligned to ADMA’s key tenets of effectiveness and creativity that we knew this was our avenue to help the industry. That’s why we have partnered with Thrive Global to offer exclusive access to the Thrive Global program for the marketing and advertising community.

It’s for you.
And it’s also for all the you’s that make up a team, that make up a department or agency. As most organisations have a core marketing department, we believe offering access to Thrive Global is an ideal way to positively affect entire businesses across the country.

I’m really excited that we have been able to form this exclusive partnership, it’s something that speaks to the core values of ADMA and those that I’m passionate about, supporting our industry in the best way we can, by starting with every single individual.

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