ADMA Board 2020 Predictions

19 Dec 2019

You’ll find three things in common with ADMA’s hand-picked Advisory Committee. Firstly, they each have decades of experience as marketing heads in some of the world’s leading brands and running some of the biggest marketing teams in the country. Secondly, they have a focus; passion and belief in customer experience, customer loyalty and its effectiveness - all fuelled by data driven marketing. Thirdly, they are innovators, pioneering the use of data in their marketing programs to create a greater understanding of customer behaviour.

We want to thank our Advisory Committee for supporting ADMA throughout 2019. As we are, they are all committed to governance use and delivering return, powered by data solutions. Please see below a little more about our illustrious committee.

Steve Brennen

Chief Customer Officer, Zip Co Limited

Steve has 20 years of senior marketing roles at Uber, eBay, PayPal and Virgin with a particular focus on digital innovation and ecommerce. Steve launched the first Virtual Reality Department Store, a partnership between eBay and Myer. This year saw Steve awarded the CMO of the year by CMO Magazine.

Steve sees our landscape one of significant change at pace and scale, stating that “We’ve definitely seen technology leap faster than expected (iphone 2007 will become a teenager in 2020, Uber in Aust only 7 years old, Zip the company I work at now whopping 6 years old). We’ve seen access to the best technology become available at scale & at significantly reduced costs to purchase and time to integrate - no longer is having the best tech a competitive POD – it’s now about how you operate and leverage the tools & we’ve seen companies increase their understanding of levers to growth as they push for a deeper understanding of ROI and bottom line impact.”

Steve believes we are in for some more radically changing times, “I think it’s safe to say that across the marketing, analytics & tech industries we are in a period of tremendous change – it’s exciting, its challenging and its destination somewhat unknown….in fact let’s be clear - very few people are gearing up for the next 10 years, most of us don’t have a clue what in store for the next 10 years – but 2 things remain constant.

  1. The pace of change will continue to accelerate supported by technology
  2. The businesses that win - will be those that understand deeply and can build quickly around their customers – we have to solve customer problems…customers know what they want our job is to solve it & exceed expectations”

Stuart Tucker

Chief Customer Officer, hipages

Stuart has had 25 years’ experience in building brands, customer experience and revenue for KFC, Comm Bank and Optus. At hipages, Stuart has turned convention on its head for a pureplay digital and successfully went after the $70bn tradie market through TV. Stuart was also the Chair of Judges ADMA AC&E awards in 2019.

Stuart believes that, “marketing in Australia remains in a state of flux and it's more important than ever that marketers of all levels remain committed to personal development and learning from industry best practice. ADMA provides education and events that can fill this gap, with the ability for organisations to build tailored programs to meet their needs. As they say ' Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world' so it's key that we ensure that the marketing industry in Australia is always moving and ADMA plays a critical role.”

Looking to 2020 Stuart is particularly excited about Global Forum from ADMA. “It's a strong schedule of speakers that will challenge and provoke attendees to think differently about the future and the role that marketing can play. I'm confident that all attendees will take some valuable lessons from this inspiring set of speakers that they can apply to shake things up in their role.”

Roger Sniezek

Chief Information & Digital Officer, Coles Group

As Director of Flybuys, Roger led the reinvention of Australia’s premier loyalty program and continues to evolve it into a richer personalised experience. This year he was awarded the CMO Magazine number 1 CIO position in Australia, testament to his achievements. He holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Roger believes that, “as the regulatory framework for data-based marketers continues to change at an unprecedented rate, it is vital that the industry, via ADMA, is represented at the highest levels of government in these discussions. As we move into 2020 (can’t quite believe the date), the increasing quality of ADMA’s training courses and their partnership with DMA UK will ensure that today’s marketers have access to leading edge training to prepare them for the next exciting decade.”

Trisca Scott Branagan

Head of Marketing Institutional, ANZ

Trisca was awarded Marketing Executive of the Year by CEO Magazine in 2017 and ranked #5 most innovative CMO in Australia by the CMO Council in the same year. Trisca has 20 years’ experience in B2C and B2C across America, Asia and Australia.
“In a world where geopolitics is reshaping the business land scape and customers are expecting greater transparency and control, the marketing profession needs a strong association more than ever. One that not only provides world-leading training, but also advocates for the profession across industries and government. That’s the role ADMA plays for the marketing profession within Australia today.”

“As the beneficiary of the ADMA Digital Marketing course, I’m really pleased to see this content remains relevant today. With digital marketing advancing every day, it’s critical for every marketer to stay abreast of the latest best practice approaches.”

Stephanie Tully

Group Chief Customer Office, Qantas Group

Stephanie was appointed Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer from Chief Marketing Officer for Qantas and Qantas Loyalty in August this year. She previously held positions at both David Jones and Ansett Australia. Since 2014 Stephanie has served on the Advisory Committee for the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA).

Stephanie believes that, “marketing continues to change in many ways but stay the same in others. ADMA plays a valued role as the key industry body to promote, educate and protect the various parts of the marketing ecosystem and I am looking forward to supporting the amazing 2020 planned”

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