ADMA and MORGAN Consulting to launch new customer experience program for CMOs

29 Nov 2017

Sydney 29 November 2017 – The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), in partnership with MORGAN Next Practice Marketing Consultants, have announced a brand new learning program; CX for CMOs. The program provides education for CMOs looking to gain a deeper understanding of customer experience (CX) and strategies to improve it and will be launching in Sydney and Melbourne in March 2018.

CX is how the customer experiences your brand and business – across every touch point. Currently, CMOs do not have access to relevant and substantial learning opportunities on how to deliver customer experience that enables competitive advantage. 

“Increasingly customer experience is the primary area where businesses compete, and so the ability to understand, optimise and improve the customer’s experience is now an essential part of any marketing strategy” said Richard Harris, Managing Director of ADMA IQ (the training and skills development arm of ADMA). 

“We are very excited to be working with MORGAN and this course will be the first of many initiatives to help businesses improve customer experience, ” he said.

The new course has been curated by CMOs and brings together all the critical pieces of CX – giving CMOs real clarity in the age of information excess and how to apply these insights to their business.

“Ironically, at a time when Australian businesses are struggling to transform with the impacts of data, customer personalisation, agile approaches and entirely new ways of working – leaders need to be knowledgeable, capable and at their best, but the learning opportunities to help them develop aren’t tailored to what they need,” said David Morgan, Principal of MORGAN.

Led by David Morgan and Rowena Millward from MORGAN, CMOs will also hear from former and current CMO guest speakers and key CX experts, allowing them to share learnings and opportunities with each other.

“Our learning programs are much more operationally based. Having led global marketing organisations between us including; P&G, Nestle, J&J, Samsung and Citibank we can understand the challenges each CMO is facing into, and provide pragmatic, operationally based learning and frameworks”.

MORGAN is one of Australia’s highest quality marketing consultancies. It  provides a unique level of experience and expertise from commercial marketers who have led at the highest levels, which allows them to identify and develop tailored support for the clients they work with.

“We’re so delighted to partner with such legendary customer experience practitioners as Morgan,” said Jodie Sangster, CEO ADMA. “Our remit is to help improve skills at all levels of marketing and this partnership will enable us to deliver superior customer experience training at a senior level that contributes impact to business,” she said. 

ADMA is at the forefront of marketing education having launched its new educational curriculum ADMA IQ in February 2016 with the aim of equipping today’s marketers with the skills they need in order to succeed and innovate in a rapidly-changing market.

For more information, visit the CX for CMOs page

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