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01 Oct 2019

With the proliferation of new advertising platforms over the last decade, advertising and agency professionals often find themselves struggling to keep up with the latest creative innovations.

That’s why ADMA has launched its Australian Creativity and Effectiveness School, AC&E School, run by Anthony Dever, a long-term independent Strategy Director.

After speaking with multiple industry leaders, it became evident for ADMA that there are some significant skill gaps in the industry and the importance of nurturing the collaboration amongst creatives and strategists to maximize the results of their work; the School was then created under the AC&E Awards platform.

According to Dever, “The thinking behind the course is that there is a need to address the skills gap which emerges because of the rapidness at which the leading technology platforms innovate around their advertising formats.

“It's so quick that it's hard for people within the industry to really keep up to date with what the best practices are for the format.”

He says there is also sometimes a hesitation to invest in upskilling staff within advertising agencies and creative agencies, as well as in-house with clients.

"The truth is it is hard to get the time to upskill. When you are constantly filling in timesheets for 40 to 50 hours a week to then go [to training]. What we want to achieve with the course is to provide an accelerated way to get people to upskill.”

Three digital platforms are covered in the 2019 School, along with a fourth subject area - brand activations with music.

The platforms included Facebook, which includes Facebook and Instagram, Google, which is Google and YouTube, and Snapchat. And building on Dever’s experience and knowledge in music activations or brand activations with music, ADMA created an additional module focusing on that area.

The Format

The extended nature of the course - which runs over 10 weeks allows students to dive deeply into the content. Each platform is a module and each module runs over two weeks: A theoretical session followed by a practical session.

During the first week there are three hours of classroom work broken into three parts:

The first hour of each module involves a presentation from an executive from the platform itself which is designed to provide the students with an update on best practice with the ad formats, and current user behaviours on that platform.

In the second hour, industry experts from creative and strategy are brought in to give an independent view of the platforms and how these can be best utilised.

This gives the students access to the practicalities of using the platforms in real life, as the presenters can describe what value they have had from them, profile some of the best work they've done and also, importantly describe what they’re learned.

This also gives the students the opportunity to question some senior and very talented created and strategy executives of their experiences and their insights.

Then in the final hour of the first week of a module, Dever wraps up what they have seen and what the students should consider to be the most important takeaways from the presentation.

The other critical element of the first week of each module is that students are provided with a mock brief which they need to respond to the following week in the second part of the module.

In the second week, students present their work and, crucially, receive feedback from industry experts on their efforts.

For many of the participants working for agencies, this presents as something of a unique experience. Often the work of social media teams is overlooked as the focus is often on big television creatives inside their own organisations.

After the graduation, 2019 School graduates will be invited to attend the AC&E Awards Gala Dinner in Sydney on 24 October.

Applications for 2020 School are already open, for more information about the AC&E School and to register your interest for 2020 Course, please click here.

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