9 tips to channel customer centricity for business growth

14 Oct 2019

CMOs have long been the champion of customer experience. As they’re increasingly viewed as the connective tissue between various functions, they’re now also taking a lead role in transforming businesses into customer centric organisations.

CMOs are well placed to bring their insight and knowledge to the table, map out customer journeys and engage other parts of the business to ensure a smooth, frictionless experience for customers.

If you’re embarking on a customer centric journey, here are 9 elements you need to consider to ensure your organisation places the customer truly at its heart.

Culture is key

Being customer centric goes far beyond simply delivering positive experiences – it goes all the way down to company culture.

Is your corporate culture aligned with customer needs? Have a conversation with your team to understand their perspective. Working with HR and other business leaders will be an imperative here to make sure you have their buy-in.

Build empathy

Invest in building empathy for customer needs across the business. This is easier in some organisations than others – but a worthy investment! Using narrative story and video can be useful tools here.

Leverage technology to break silos

Leverage technology that eliminates data silos and promotes information sharing across channels and teams. Investigate and understand how these platforms may better support customer outcomes.

Cultivate a learning culture

Run regular sessions to share customer insights across the entire business – not just for the sales and marketing teams. These insights will help develop more empathy for the customers and might prompt some light-bulb moments for other teams. Consider how you can foster this type of regular learning across the business.

Improve customer interactions

Ensure every interaction with a customer is direct and empathetic. This can only be achieved by focusing on what matters: customer satisfaction. Your leadership team has to understand the impact of customer satisfaction on the bottom line to successfully transform into a customer centric organisation.

Tie metrics to tactics

We’re all chasing that elusive single customer view. It’s a big undertaking, but it’s worth pursuing. Make sure you have the right tools and technology in place to be able to collect, understand and share customer insights. You’ll be able to use these insights drive your tactics on how to reach, engage and convert them.

Develop. Execute. Review. Repeat.

Review your content strategy on repeat. Factor any new channels into the customer journey: text messages, push notifications, Snapchat etc.But only utilise ones that are truly useful and meaningful for your customers.

Track results

A data-driven, adaptive approach helps you determine the best timing and optimal number of touch points by testing your content is appropriate.

Build. Test. Measure. Learn. Repeat.

Implement feedback loops to ensure customer-centric data informs organisational decision-making.

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