8 tips we've learned from studying hundreds of landing pages (and designing a few)

22 Jun 2017

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By: Simon Harris, Chief Creator, Designus

If you’re at all concerned about collecting emails for your organisation then I am sure you’ve come across landing pages.

Making sure you have an effective landing page that is well designed, functional and easy to read is critical to getting email subscribers and ultimately building your business.

Every design element needs to invite and motivate potential subscribers to perform certain actions and direct their gaze to call to actions.

So the design focus is the single most important goal of every landing page – to convert.

The page must attract and control the viewer’s attention so they clearly understand the offer and realise the aims of the landing page.

Here at Designus, we’ve analysed hundreds of landing pages over the last few months to determine how to effectively convert viewers into subscribers. So it’s fair (we of course think) to say we have a pretty good idea of what works.

We work regularly with our clients on their landing pages and have been part of their team to help to grow their subscriber list significantly. We’ve included a few tips that explain how to design landing pages that covert.

1. Don't clutter

A high-converting landing page needs to be designed to clean. We recommend lots of white space. Less is more – analyse the copy and images you have and if it serves no purpose then delete away.

Try not to use anything that is distracting and complex.

2. Clear and concise headlines

Being one of the first things a visitor will read, the landing page headlines should not confuse, but compel a viewer to ultimately leave their email. Addressing a specific point that is related to the content of the website will catch a reader's attention more than having a vague and uninteresting headline.

This MuleSoft landing page is great. It has simple and relevant imagery. The headline is straightforward and the description of the ebook informs viewers of the specific value they will get by downloading their ebook.


3. Contrasting colours

Use contrasting colours to create order on your white page. Don’t forget that colours also evoke psychological reactions and associations – for instance, red stands for urgency, growth and is generally is an active colour.

Colour contrast is key on landing page design – use a limited colour palette and any element of a different hue will immediately catch the user’s eye.

This page isn’t just aesthetically pleasing with a sharp, modern design, it also makes excellent use of colour. The blue signifies trust, strength, and dependability – all things you want in a password manager. The subtle blend of green also implies peace, suggesting that Mitro users can rest easy in the knowledge that their passwords are safe in Mitro’s hands.


4. Hierarchy

If one element of your landing page deserves be proud and make it bigger – a large headline or coloured call to action button won’t be missed by anyone.

Ensure that other elements of your landing page are proportional. Remember too many buttons, images and boxes will clutter your page.

Vonigo is a great example of hierarchy on a landing page for a complicated product. They have done a good job of pairing a soft colour palette - which is beautifully offset by that bright orange call-to-action button - with easy-to-read fonts, lots of white space, and a simple screenshot.


5. Buttons and call to actions should stand out

A conversion button should stand out and be placed right below a call-to-action or have the call-to-action as the button. The button should be big, bright, and above the fold – we again recommend red.

Try and use action words like ‘free’, ‘new’ and ‘now’ in your calls to actions.

Vivino has a strong call to action that no one could argue with!


6. Logo is king

Include the company logo on every landing page you create. Users should have a clear idea about where they are and what actions to take. The brand image needs to be there every time to create a stronger association.

Happify has done a great job with their landing page - the logo is well placed and the colour scheme is minimal yet very effective.


7. Control those eyes

Using shapes on your landing pages will help control the gaze of viewers on your page. Shapes like triangles and especially arrows will help direct the gaze to important areas of the page like buttons and the call to action

8. Love white space

Use white space as much as possible. White spaces improve the legibility of all texts you include on your page – use them in a smart way and you’ll have complete control over the gaze of your users.

White spaces are a perfect way to if you want to emphasize a significant element such a headline, logo or the call to actions.

White spaces improve the legibility of all texts you include on your page – use them in a smart way and you’ll have complete control over the gaze of your users.

Pinterest have done a great job with their white space. Easy to read and viewer's attention goes straight to the read button - probably one of the best we've seen.


Follow those simple tips and we guarantee you’ll have people throwing themselves at your email list.

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